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"Launching Every Child as a Healthy Lifelong Learner"
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We Build Leaders, particularly those grassroots leaders who can serve as the “hands and arms” of DEPC and link the people in their neighborhoods with the community-wide continuum of services for children and families.

We Act as a Financial Intermediary by attracting and administering multiple state, federal and private funding sources in order to make long-term, strategic investments toward the development of a comprehensive system to serve children and families.  Through an annual budget and planning process that is based on current status of goals, indicators, and other community data, we allocate these resources to agencies and organizations that have the capacity to achieve specific intermediate outcomes for our long-term goals. 

We Monitor and Evaluate Our Programs systematically and in an open and collaborative way so that we are constantly learning and changing along with our stakeholders and the needs of our community.  As such, programs are evaluated within the context of the long-term Strategic Plan for the Partnership and the community.

We Invite You to Partner With Us to help change the future of our children as well as the future of our community.  It "takes a village to raise a child" and our needs are great.  Join us today, and learn how you can help.

For more information, please contact Henrietta Zalkind, Executive Director at (252) 985-4300.

The Down East Partnership for Children has a long-standing history of bringing about positive change for children and families throughout Nash & Edgecombe County. For over
17 years, DEPC has worked to support the individual needs of families while implementing evidence-based strategies and evaluation driven results in order to launch every child in the two counties as a healthy, lifelong learner by the end of the 3rd grade.

Over the course of its history, DEPC has become a leader in the state and nation for building a system of early care and education that supports children 0-8.  Much of the recognitionDEPC has received is a result of the way DEPC works.
  • Is about creating programs around common goals and long-term change.

  • Entails respecting what all players bring to the table and sharing the resources that we have.

  • Begins with a vision and values that we all share and builds consensus around specific approaches and actions.

  • Requires that we hold each other accountable to what we committed to do and continually monitor and learn.
We Collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders including parents, providers, schools, service agencies, other non-profits, businesses, the faith community and government.  This collaboration:

  • From providing financial incentives to build a more educated and stable childcare workforce, to creating a transparent coordinated subsidy system to maximizing those resources for families, which supports their own employment and education.

  • From supporting family resource centers across the two counties that reach out and connect families and children to providing services, including evidence-based programs, to funding a system of early childhood contacts who assess the needs of young children and their families and link them with their future elementary schools and other community resources.

  • From advocating and facilitating the use of best practices in early care & education programs, to awarding innovation grants to encourage schools to be “ready schools” that are able to meet the needs of every child.
We Test Different Approaches to getting the job done: