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The Down East Partnership for Children strives to ensure that we are delivering services that meet the needs of the children and families in Nash and Edgecombe counties.  We develop programs with research-based, best practices for addressing identified needs.

One half of children between 3rd and 8th grades, are at or above grade level in both mathematics or reading with only 5-10% of parents have reported in being involved at their child school. 

Ready Schools & Ready Communities is strengthening family and community involvement which is leading towards improved school readiness, higher student achievement, and increasing the likelihood of graduation. 

Currently 21% of children ages 0-3 are in licensed, high quality early care.

Through the DEPC’s Child Care Resource and Referral Services, we are helping parents find high quality early care and are a resource for Early Care Professionals to develop their skills to meet the needs of families and children. 

1 in every 3 children will be overweight or obese by their 5th birthday. North Carolina has the 5th highest rate of childhood obesity in the nation.

Because healthy active children are more likely to be successful in school, the Healthy Kids Collaborative is building our communities’ access to opportunities for physical activity and supporting greater access and affordability of healthy foods. 

58% of Edgecombe and 65% of Nash county low-income families receive financial assistance for childcare which is needed for parents to maintain employment or to strengthen necessary skills to gain employment.

Through the DEPC’s Coordinated Subsidy programs, we are able to assist families financially so they may work or go to school, while their children benefit from high-quality early care preparing them to be successful. 

Visit the resources below for more information on statistics related to child well-being!

Kids Count Data Center
United States Census

Striving to Meet the Needs of Our Children and Families